how to deal with insomnia

April 12, 2020

i've developed insomnia, here's how i'm solving it

your contract with yourself

April 10, 2020

the most important contract you'll ever sign.

aliens, jedis and cults

April 05, 2020

a mental model for assessing potential

"tomorrow" is a big, fat lie

March 23, 2020

it's so easy to tell yourself: "tomorrow". "not right now". "later", except "tomorrow" never comes.

a system for leveling up your skills

March 22, 2020

tried to create performance metrics for software development for a long time, finally have a system that works for me. i hope it'll work for you too.

launched the start-here page on the blog.

March 21, 2020

you can now access a ton of useful links from the best creators i know.

self-made haircut. synthwave. bitcoin.

March 19, 2020

nootropics for your ears. how to cut your own hair in the midst of an apocalypse. bitcoin.

publishing unfinished work

March 18, 2020

tomorrow becomes next week. next week becomes after the holidays, and before you know it it's your birthday and you still haven't launched that project. here's the cure.

finally launched

March 17, 2020

Migrated from Wordpress, straight into Gatsby, ReactJS and GraphQL - and couldn't be happier

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