a system for leveling up your skills

March 22, 2020,
from chen's home office, quarantine:

so i want to level up my skills.

i’ve tried to set goals. wasn’t effective at all. as soon as you set them - you forget about them.

you have 0 accountability, and so you can forget about those goals.

unless… you set up a growth system and an accountability mechanism.

what the hell is a growth system you ask?

a growth system, is merely a contract you set with yourself, to perform a very specific task that will get actual progress done TODAY. not tomorrow. not next week. TODAY.

my growth systems:

  • i ship every day (Github)
  • i learn one new technology a day. today i’ve learned ReactJS, Hooks, ES6.\ now… i’m not an expert of those yet. but i’ve certainly built a great (private) app at work that’s fully functional and gave me great exposure to a few of the capabilities of React.

now… what good is a growth system if you can cheat by talking yourself out of using it?

accountability mechanism to the rescue

so to supplement the growth system and help keep myself at bay, i’m also embracing accountability. the more publicly i share, the more accountable i become.

  • i (try) to write every day to get better at it, and share lessons i’ve learned
  • i tweet every day. and should really add more relevant value!
  • i’ll begin to stream myself building once my camera equipment arrives.
  • i have an accountability partner that is on a similar path as me.

so there you have it. growth system + accountability = RESULTS. at least, works for me very well.

to growing daily,


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