aliens, jedis and cults

April 05, 2020,
from chen's home office:

an alien, recruits jedis and together they form a cult to take over the known world.

came across this article by @ricburton yesterday that’s presented a very interesting mental model for assessing the potential of an individual or a group.

essentially, the theory is that the origin of any missionary enterprise must always be a:

  • quirky.
  • highly intelligent.
  • laser focused.
  • obsessive (perhaps, exhibiting symptoms of addictive personality).

he then goes to recruit the jedi’s:

  • true believers.
  • long for a sense of mission.
  • excited about the change they bring to the world.
  • obsess about the mission as much as he does.
  • motivated not by pay, but by influence.

the jedi’s in turn, form a cult together, to take over the known world:

  • the create symbols and memes.
  • they recruit other, second tier believers and form communities.
  • they help spread the world by doing excellent work and telling the world about it, to the point where their value can no longer be denied it.
  • the cult, forms a new reality. it creates a new normal. it earns the jedis and the alien a seat at the big table. a slice of the delicious pie.

these are the real players in the arena.

i’ve came across similar models in real life as well, but have never managed to articulate it so well.

i think it’s a highly useful mental model for assessing who you want to invest in, work with, and follow.

you may read the full article here.

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