how to deal with insomnia

April 12, 2020,
from chen's dark bedroom:

insomnia is shit.

over the past few days i’ve developed a mild form of insomnia.

it’s probably caused by staying inside for so long due to COVID-19.

you may have it too. if so, here’s what i’m doing about it:

  • set a time to go to bed.
  • hard core workout for 00:30 - 01:00 hrs before bed.
  • no computers or phones before, no people either.
    claim some of that magnificent solitude.
    put all electronics in another room.
  • heat some milk up. drink it slowly, preferably while breathing some fresh air.
  • read some fiction. no coding / philosophy / design / marketing or business book at this point.
    you don’t want to think.
    you want to let your imagination float around freely.

that’s it. simple really.

i’m off to bed now myself.

if you’ve made it this far…
do yourself a favor and get some sleep.
your car needs fuel, how else are you going to make it to 90 years old and witness your beautiful grandchildren grow?

to sleeping well,

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