launched the start-here page on the blog.

March 21, 2020,
from chen's home office, quarantine:

launched “start here”

took me way longer than i’ve imagined, but i’ve finally finished writing my start-here page.

will it be valuable for people? i have no idea. but it’s my humble initial offering.

if you find value in it, please write to me and let me know.

feedback is very important for me.

online education is going to rock the world

with the COVID-19 outbreak, universities and schools are shutting down.

education moves online. suddenly, a $100K+ pricetag for a couple of poetry courses seems unjustified - doesn’t it?

i firmly believe that even after the quarantine is removed, people will begin to think positively on alternatives to colleges.

learning “just in case” is great, but learning “just in time” is much more useful for a builder.

when i wanted to learn Deep Learning, i didn’t open up a text book and began reading. i built and figured it out as i did.

same with blockchain.

same with data engineering, systems engineering, ui / ux.

you just do, you make mistakes, and then you correct course.

furthermore, by not having any predetermined ideas about deep learning, i was able to compile my own algorithms, and bring something fresh to the community.

launched “Ship Daily”

as a Substack newsletter.

“another fucking newsletter” you ask? well… yes. another newsletter.

i haven’t seen a newsletter about the intersection of coding, designing and writing and since i’m tackling all 3, i figured other people will be interested as well.

so there’s that.

you may TP my house but that’d be very expensive for you in this economy, so i guess you’ll have to accept that.

to shipping,


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