self-made haircut. synthwave. bitcoin.

March 19, 2020,
from chen's home office, quarantine:

hair shaven

day #14 in quarantine. hair. lots of hair. way too much hair. barber’s closed. what to do?

head shaving it is. it ain’t pretty - but it’s war mode for me.

pure focus on creation. no time for distractions.


i’ve recently discovered an absurdly powerful genre of music, called ‘Synthwave’.

why the hell am i mentioning it on a maker’s blog? because.

synthwave is like nootropics to your brain.

it’s like coffee. or matcha. or ginger.

it triggers deep states of focus.

i can’t recommend it enough.

try it here folks.


the economy seems to be taking a huge hit due to the virus and it’s ripple effects.

social distancing. people losing jobs. unemployment rising. smbs closing shops.

the US dollar seems unstable. i’m no financial expert by any means, but

learning about bitcoin as a worthy asset to hedge against the economy.

keep going folks. in times like these, the strong prosper.

p.s smashed that fucking writer’s block. Aye!

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