"tomorrow" is a big, fat lie

March 23, 2020,
from chen's home office, quarantine:

i’m an ambitious person. there, i said it.

i mean, many people are. that doesn’t mean anything, nor does it help me achieve success.

nevertheless, i’m ambitious. i want to devour life.

the problem with expressing your ambition through creative efforts, is that often times, i am afraid of failure. i have this irrational fear of being judged for my work.

it’s weird. when criticism does arrive, i’m totally absorbing it as a learning experience. but the irrational fear is still there.

so naturally, postponing things for tomorrow is VERY easy. almost too easy. this problem has to be debugged, deconstructed, solved to it’s core.

luckily, i’ve found a solution. i’ve got an accountability group. a set of driven, high performers who are shipping daily and winning life.

i honestly can’t recommend it enough. get into an accountability group. a good one. it’ll change your life.

to shipping daily.


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