your contract with yourself

April 10, 2020,
from chen's attic:

your contract with yourself is perhaps the most important contract you’ll
ever engaged in.

it determines your self-identity.

it determines your habits.

it determines your results.

and no, i’m not talking about writing your goals and
wishing for them to happen.

i’m talking about the contract you make with yourself
every day.

with every thought, and every action, your self confidence
grows or shrinks.

if you say you’ll do something and follow up?
confidence doubles.

if you miss out?
confidence shrinks.

it’s simple really.

self confidence is your ability to
affect change in the world.

next time you speak, remember that someone
listens to every word you utter and measures
yourself: you. your subconscious supercomputer.

most people don’t realize that their lack of self
confidence is simply a gap between their
actions and their words.

tie your actions to your words,
and you’ll become invincible.

helped me anyways.

to confidence,


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