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what i can do for you

got an R&D challenge that you need a sparring partner to chew on with?

maybe you're stuck on a problem.
maybe you need extra tech chops for your project.

rent my brain to write or deploy your code, give programming advice or discover ways to optimize your startup / business (by improving processes, cutting costs, or increasing value through technology and automation).

what i have done for others

i have...

  • planned out end-to-end projects in a variety of differnet organizations (architecture, platforms, etc.)
  • deployed web apps in an automated way (Docker, K8, CI, Serverless, etc.)
  • researched and developed data-science algorithms (genomics, real time video/audio analysis)
  • developed web applications (Python and Flask, ReactJS, VueJS. Also general concepts)
  • automated business processes through no-code practices to increase business value
  • assembled data pipelines and ETL workflows (PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Oracle)
  • interviewed, hired and trained developers on how to use the above technologies

oh, and to back it up, i’ve been writing software for ~11 years both as a consultant, a military intelligence soldier, within startups and at my own companies.

how we can get started

DM me on Twitter, or email me at chen [@] chenmor.com and let’s chat!

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